Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Nail Salon Haven: The Nail Loft

I love manicures and pedicures. I love hand and foot spa more. I love massages. I love pampering myself and treating myself to these services after a hard week's work. About a couple of weeks ago, I read Brenda's blog about The Nail Loft and got really curious. I was anxious to try it there so last Saturday I had to ask a friend out to Jack's Loft in Greenhills which is near Nail Loft so we can have a look-see of the place first. We went inside and we were greeted by its courteous staff and the therapeutic smell of the place. There were scented candles and relaxing nature music in the background. The sofas looked comfy, too. Since it was already past 9pm, I just asked for their flier/brochure/pricelist. The price of their services are unbelievably low! Check them out:

I went back the following day. They have packages available depending on your choice. I had a Glamorize Me package with hand and foot spa at P550. What's more, they have complimentary tea and eyemask with cucumber. Their sofas are really comfy. It's really relaxing, I fell asleep. I think I am going to be a loyal client.


Mechanix said...

hmmm looks like you had a great pampering experience!

pattybee said...

Been hearing about this place, too. It's so near the house I should really go one of these days =)