Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog for Money, Blog with Smorty

I am quite new to the new trend today: Blog for Money, Get Paid for Blogging, Blog Advertising, whatever they call it. Isn't it just amazing? I recently tried it and so far, so good.

After reading testimonials from online friends about Smorty, I was convinced that I have to give it a shot. So I registered and after a few weeks, my application was approved.

You can select what interests you and write about advertisers' products and services on your blog. What I like about Smorty is that it is different from other paid post companies in terms of the review opportunities. It connects you to the appropriate campaign to write on. Once you accept the offer, you will be given an ample time to finish the write up. Only after you have finished the job are you allowed to accept another job. For every approved blog you make, there is a corresponding amount in dollar equivalent that you will receive not on a monthly basis like other companies, but on a weekly basis.

Try it and be amazed.

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