Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bomb Attack in Glorietta

Friday...It was supposedly a fine day for me... but then an hour after lunch in the office, we received a news that there was an explosion in Glorietta caused by a gas leak. I thought it was nothing outrageous but then after a couple more minutes I received phone calls and text messages from friends and family about the explosion. Our office building is a 5-minute walk from Glorietta and there are times when we go there during/after lunch break to buy things or eat. It's a good thing I never had plans to go there that day.

When I arrived home from work and watched the evening news on TV, I saw what just happened and it was only then that I realized how cruel and shocking it was. And then I remembered, I was there in that Starbucks coffee shop the night before! If you've been inside that branch, you will notice that the place is quite small and boxed inside. Anyone who's inside when the explosion happened would have suffered much and I'm hoping that they were not those among the 8 who passed away. And if Joy hadn't reminded me, I almost forgot we were just in that Luk Yuen branch the week before, too. I think I made an entry here of our delicious dinner. To this day, they still have no clue as to the cause of the explosion. Some say it's a gas leak, others say a bomb explosion. Whatever the cause may be, justice should be served.

Looking at the brighter side of things, I'm glad that none of my friends and family members were there during the incident. It's also good to know that because of the incident, people are more cautious now. And most of all, I'm so glad that before the explosion took place I was able to dine in Luk Yuen and got cozy in that Starbucks branch.

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