Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy day!

Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed or am I just sick? Today has been a terrible, terrible day for me. I was sick since last night. I never felt my fever shoot up in a loooong time. I have really heavy colds... I cough like a dog... I have a terrible headache... I didn't feel like going to work but I had to and it made me feel sicker. Funny thing is I still have the same HUGE appetite! I craved like a mad cow for anything I could think of. First thing I had after coffee this morning is a bag of dried mangoes. I ate half of it in the car on the way to work and finished the rest in the office. I savored all seven (yes I counted!) pieces of shanghai roll that I had for lunch. I even craved for my usual "lunch dessert" ==>> Mc Donald's french fries with mayo and brewed coffee! I originally planned to go home after lunch but I couldn't so I stayed. I met Joy by 5 at Luk Yuen where I had a delicious lapu-lapu fillet congee and hakao. I don't know anyone else who eats the way I do when sick. After our early dinner, I went to Mary Pauline and had my eyebrows threaded. I am sick as it is and I don't want to look sicker with my bushy brows. Then, I wanted to buy some fruits so we went to the supermarket and ended up putting extra grocery items in our cart. My favorite and best buy for the day is an Elle & Vire unsalted butter. I love it. And guess what, I had two servings of pandesal with my fave butter the minute I sat in our dining table.

It's a good thing tomorrow is a non-working holiday in observance of the end of Ramadan. I have the whole day to rest and crave and eat!

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