Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Wonderful Surprise!

A few hours after I posted my previous blog entry, I had the biggest surprise of the day. Look what I found in the house:
Someone just gave me a new Nokia E61i! Of course, he is someone special to me. The truth is he promised to get me a new phone of my choice but I never thought that today is that day. I actually even wondered if he brought the box of his new phone and then I took a closer look and saw that it's a Nokia with the model I want. So, it has to be MINE! He could have placed a ribbon with a card or wrapped it or something. (Now I'm being an ingrate bitch! hahaha). After charging the phone for a while, we went to Baang Coffee to give it a WiFi test...and it worked! I love it! It even has a message reader for when you're driving or doing something else and you don't want to scroll your phone. It's useful if the messages are not in "text shortcuts" because the message reader cannot read text shortcuts. Yeah, yeah it looks like a scientific calculator but I don't care. I just love it.


bexieville said...

Hahahahaha. He's more psychic and forsight than you-know-who. hahahaha

xxxloixxx said...

Hahaha. Voldemort?