Friday, July 13, 2007


With all the promos being offered by most airlines, be it at cheapest airfares or tempting travel packages at selected destinations, almost everyone can now afford to travel. It would be such a shame if you have not grabbed these opportunities, especially if you can afford it. I have spent countless times calling and inquiring online but have not booked myself yet. Shame on me. I have a lot of things to consider. Topping the list is the schedule. These promos are constrained to specific travel dates and considering my job, I cannot afford to leave anytime I please. I just spent two weeks of my vacation leave from my recent trip. I even had to decline a free US trip scheduled a month after I arrived. Tsk!
If you're from the Philippines, check out the ongoing promos offered by:

Among the three, I have flown thru PAL and AirPhil, and I can vouch for their services. I prefer them because they have a separate terminal - it's so convenient. I have not tried Cebu Pacific yet.
So far, the only places I've traveled to are Hongkong, Singapore, and USA. I'd love to visit Shanghai, Beijing, Vietnam, and Thailand next time...hopefully at least one of these places within the year. In the meantime, I think I should explore more of the Philippines; the farthest I've been to is Aklan (Boracay). I want to go to Cebu or Davao next time. Anyone willing to give a trip for free?

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bexieville said...

Cebu here we come! HAHAHAHA