Saturday, July 28, 2007

Now, I'm really confused...

For days, I've been having a hard time choosing which phone/PDA to get and the choice went down to two: Prada phone by LG and Samsung i600. Joy has a Samsung i600 and we noticed that the voice quality of its phone function is below average so I'll have to scratch that off from my list. Now, I think I'm liking Nokia E61i more based on the reviews.

photo courtesy of GSM Arena

I'm really confused. Should I get this or should I wait? I'm not so sure though if I can wait any longer because I'm just so tired of my Razr already, just looking at it depresses me.

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Jayvee said...

i'd advise going for the Nokia E61i. Good phone as it can also do wifi and email. It's also pretty robust.