Friday, July 06, 2007

AJ, the Spiderman

Last June 20th, my 12 year old cousin, AJ was rushed to the emergency room of Lourdes Hospital by his teachers. He broke his wristbones and yes, it happened in school. By broke, I mean broke. It wasn't just a fracture. He underwent two major surgeries. He had the first surgery the day after he was confined. We spent 5 days in the hospital and don't get me started with the bills! I would have my very own MacBook by now... but that's a different story. After his first surgery, we were told by his doctor that he must undergo a second surgery for the surgical closing after a week. And so he did.

Apparently, Aj was doing a "Spiderman" stunt over the fourth step of the stairs in their school despite numerous attempts to warn him from doing so by his classmates. And because he IS Spiderman, he jumped! I can just imagine the way he did his stunt. We are all now laughing about it.

I took this photo as I was riding the taxi on my way home.

He now goes to school but goes to his doctor every other day for check up.

Special thanks to Dr. Sanchez for all the help he has given and to all those who prayed for him. We can't thank you enough!

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