Monday, November 05, 2007

One Fine Saturday

I spent the whole Saturday all for myself. For over 5 years, I have not gone to the gym so I decided to go and went to Slimmers World in Greenhills. It was my first time to visit that branch and I liked that it wasn't as crowded as the Pasay Road branch where I used to go to. It was actually over-crowded in Pasay Road so I consume half the time of my stay there queuing up just so I can use the treadmill and stairmaster which are seldom unoccupied.

After going to the gym, we dropped by Starbucks not only because I wanted to have a caffeine fix but also because I wanted to see if the Starbucks planners are already available. Much to my disappointment, a sign with the words "3 days to go" is posted by the counter. =( Anyhow, I had a great time consuming my usual order: tall hot caffe latte and banoffee pie. Did I mention that before going to Starbucks, I had an early dinner of Tapa Queen at Tapa King? So there. I gained back all the calories I desperately tried to sweat out. At least I tried!

By the time I reached home, I was exhausted. What better way to feel better than a home service massage! I dialed Green Leaf and booked an appointment late that evening. The masseuse arrived later than expected but it was okay. I prefer a soft massage though but she massaged hard despite my early warning. I should have gone with The Gorgeous One to the spa upon her invitation early that day...

All in all, I had a super fine day!


pattybee said...

Loi, do you remember the name of the masseuse? I should remember not to get her whenever my favorite, Malou is not available. I don't like hard strokes either.

xxxloixxx said...

Hi Patty! Her name is Raquel.

For those who want it hard, request for Raquel. =p

cotojo said...

Hi Loi,

Found my way here through Blog Cave :)

Now the caffe latte and banoffee sounds great....but all those calories lol but what the heck...why not :)

Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Salamat, Louisa!

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You have a fantastic blog page. Keep up the great work!

Prudence said...

I love the way you spend your Saturday. I haven't been going to the gym for a while and my membership at FF is already nearing its expiration. I didn't like Slimmer's world that's why I switched to FF. Like you said, its mostly crowded :-(

Thanks for voting for my blog! :-)

--- Prudence (