Monday, November 19, 2007

Did this ever happen to you?

When was the last time you felt so embarrassed, and I mean naked embarrassed? Nope, I wasn't caught naked by anyone. I just felt like it because what happened is something no amount of cover ups can fix.

Last Saturday I went to the Rockwell Tent during the Urban Bazaar thingy. We left the house at past 3pm then ate at Pancake House before heading to the bazaar. I spent about two hours inside then had coffee at Starbucks before going home.

Guess what I noticed when I got home at around 9PM:

Geez! The irony of it is this is the biggest watch I own. My boss calls it wall clock. I don't know how stupid an impression I made that day to those people who noticed. HAHAHA! I'm sorry. Tao lang! I gotta go replace the g*dda*ned battery!


leonore said...

hahaha! we were on the same boat pla. I was wearing the same size, as in wallclock nga daw un....malabo kc mata ko so I got one from 168...feeling d ko na kailangan ng salamin....shucks....way way late na pla ang time....i threw that idiot watch na...things like that is shitty for me...kakahiya! sometimes buying in the mall is a wise decision.

xxxloixxx said...

Hi Leonore!

Embarrassing noh? In my case naman, it's a gift and I know for sure it's not from 168 because I was there when it was bought from the mall hehe.=p It would be wiser if we check first before wearing anything. :)