Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Belle de Jour Power Planner

Look here.

Now, I'm torn.

I saw the BDJ planner they made last year but I missed it because I was too busy filling up my Starbucks card with stickers for the ridiculously-overpriced-yet-IMUSTHAVE Starbucks planner. Thanks to my boss for filling up one for me, I was able to get two.

But really now I'm thinking, is the Starbucks planner worth it?


Guess what I just did.

I ordered five planners from the Belle de Jour team. One for me and the rest for my kikay friends. I can't wait to get hold of it!

And oh. Since I have already started filling up my Starbucks card (I now have 4. My boss has 4, too which he will give to me! Yay!), I'll just go on with it. If a girl can't have too many shoes, is planner far behind?


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