Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Torture for a Day

Have you ever felt a major pain from wearing a nice shoes to work like it's torture? That's what I experienced the whole day yesterday. I decided to wear my three-inch high pointy stilettos because it has been sleeping in my closet for years and years so I decided to put it on. I never had a problem wearing this kind of shoes before so I guess this is what happens when you become used to wearing flats, sneakers and Havaianas on a daily basis. It was actually tolerable for the most part at work since I was sitting almost the whole time and we have carpeted floors but the minute I stepped out of the building and began crossing the street on my way to Greenbelt, that's when I almost took my shoes off. I swear I would gladly walk barefoot than wear this shoes for a while longer. Good thing the salon is just a few blocks away. I got in to have my brows threaded and forgot about my aching feet. Sigh. If it hadn't, I would have bought a pair of slippers. As soon as I arrived home, I hurried to my room and did this:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, nice story. I enjoyed reading this blog entry. How I wish that you had more similar stories...

By the way, those shoes look great and would have been better in my room than in your garbage bin...What's your shoe size? Where is the shoe now, already in the dump truck or dump site?

-shoe addict