Friday, February 15, 2008

A Good Friday

Got this from the mail today:
Because of the rally in Ayala Avenue just outside the office,
we were dismissed early...
but I was so hungry because I only had
monggo for lunch

we had merienda cena
at Mr. Rockefeller in GB3.
(photo courtesy of
I love, love the 5 layer nachos! We also had
oysters rockefeller, Alaskan sole fillet and
this salmon dish I ordered.

After our early dinner,
DD saw that MJ's Thriller 25th Anniversary album
is already released in Music One.

(Believe me, this is the first time
I saw DD's eyes get THAT wide!) :D
DD: Conquer your fear. Look now!!! hahahaha
I listened to it the minute I got home.

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bexieville said...

Now I want those NACHOS again!