Friday, February 08, 2008

Alfie Update

I woke up early feeling sick and the first thing I did was to call the clinic. I felt so relieved knowing that Alfie is still alive. I decided to call in sick so I could spend time with him and have his lab test. He is still weak.

At around 7pm, I received a phone call from the vet saying that Alfie was dying and that we should go there immediately. I felt so numb. I didn't cry nor panic. I didn't feel a thing. I couldn't even move. I told Deda and our driver to pick him up. I just couldn't make myself see him lifeless. A few minutes after they left, I got another call from the vet telling me that it was just a false alarm. I literally ran to the clinic to see for myself and there he was...looking so weak but still alive. At that moment, the vet was getting to my nerves already. I was mad at her I wanted to ask if she is a veterinarian at all. I wanted to transfer Alfie to a more reputable clinic but it was already late. I'll do it first thing tomorrow.

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