Wednesday, September 05, 2007


One of my favorite fastfood restaurants has got to be Yoshinoya. I love almost everything they have but nothing beats their beef rice bowl or gyudon. The beef is tender and very flavorful and I love how the onions turn out sweet. I usually put a small amount of the red ginger strips to be less cloying. Otherwise, it is just fine as well. My normal order whenever I go to Yoshinoya is beef rice bowl, miso soup, shu mai and green iced tea. We ate at the Greenhills branch last Saturday and had the time of our lives. We had my usual order plus chicken udon and tempura/gyudon combo.The picture does not do justice to how delicious this gyudon is. I ordered just the regular size but it's so filling I didn't get to finish my chicken udon.This is the chicken udon. I didn't really like this so much but I can say that the chicken is very tasty. I love Yoshinoya's shu mai (siomai). There are 2 kinds: mushroom and crab. This is the mushroom shu mai.Tempura/gyudon combo. This is half-full because Joy started eating already and then I told him to stop because I have to take a picture of it. So there.

We went home happy. We can't believe we paid less than P400 for everything, including our iced teas. They also offer unlimited rice for P15. I haven't tried the chicken bowl yet. Is it any good? There are more food added on their menu. I want to try all of them. My friends and i are going to the SM Megamall branch tomorrow. I can't wait!

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