Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jen's Birthday Celebration

Last August 28, I received a text message from my cousin inviting us to dinner at Dampa in Macapagal Avenue for her birthday celebration. Inang joined us, too but we didn't know she had a hidden agenda.

This conversation took place when I fetched her from their house in Boni before going to Dampa:
me: Halika na. Gutom na ko.
Inang: Sandali, kunin ko lang jacket ko. Baka malamigan ako sa casino.
me: Ha???
This picture on the right shows Inang smiling and posing for the camera but before this was taken, we asked her to pose with us, she declined and said she's not interested! Charing!

Our friends from Bulacan came over and it was fun! We were just a small group but the food was overflowing. We waited for over 30 minutes for the food to be cooked. We were all so hungry I forgot to take pictures of all the food we ate. I love the buttered shrimps and the tempura. After dinner, Inang asked that she be brought to the casino immediately. Jen and her husband Odie accompanied her while the rest of us went to Figaro first to have coffee.
Shortly after, we were inside the casino playing the slot machine. I lost P200 but had fun.
At past 1am, we decided to leave already because our friends would still be going back to Bulacan. On our way home, my cuz called them up via speakerphone:
Cuz: Ingat kayo.
Them: Okay.
Us: Punta tayo Mimosa next time.
Inang butted in...
Inang: Sige, sagot ko ang gas basta kasama ako.
Them: (laughing) Sige! Parehong Pajero?
Inang: Pambihira! Isa lang!
Inang is the coolest granny! If you know Ariel and Maverick of the "The Misadventures of Ariel and Maverick" fame, you should be familiar with Mommy Elvie. Mommy Elvie and Inang are so much alike in many ways!

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