Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Precioussssssss Sandwich

Back in college, there used to be a branch of Dunkin' Donuts situated right across the Dapitan gate of UST and that was when I discovered my favorite sandwich in the whole world: the BUNWICH. Seriously. And that was my fondest memory of it.

A few months ago, I had a craving for Bunwich but found out that they are not sold in most stores anymore. I chanced upon almost every store I saw but never did I find my precious Bunwich. Just imagine the look on my face when DD pointed a Dunkin' Donuts stall at the Cebu Airport last month and said that there are Bunwiches! Unfortunately we were rushing already and never had the time to buy. And then two weeks ago, after dinner in Greenhills, we passed by a Dunkin' Donuts store and decided to have my coffee there. What did I see??? --BUNWICH in all its delicious glory! I almost didn't even believe it with my two eyes. I had to ask the crew if they really sell those. And yes, they do. Wow! However, since we were already full and could not even dare to bite, we decided to go back the next day.

We weren't able to go back the following day but went the day after. We went to the main branch and had our hopes up that they do sell bunwich. Why didn't I think of that before? Anyways, we went inside and not only do they have bunwich but also croissant! Nevertheless, I ordered my long lost fave - Spanish Sausage and coffee. Happiness!
I like Spanish Sausage best among the other variants (tuna salad, egg and cheese, corned beef salad, ham and cheese, bacon coleslaw and tomato).
What's your favorite Bunwich?


bexieville said...

DD can also stand for, Dunkin Dyna. hahahahaha

Adam said...

Bunwich is not an example of effective marketing - "Hey kids, how about a nice hot steaming bunwich?" (I put the question mark inside the quotes because the person speaking is the one asking the question).

This is wrong and is offensive to Scientologists everywhere.

jiggs said...

Hi there,

I came across your blog coz you probly know why I'm posting this comment in this particular thread. I was searching for DD Bunwich recipes or anything that is connected to this yummyness bun.I for one am addicted to the Spanish Sausage bunwich and unfortunately I haven't eaten this for a long time coz they do not market this here in the states. I always make it a point to have one during the week when I was in college and even bring some home on fridays for my cousin loves it too. If it's not too much, would you do me a favor if you ever crave for this "drug" (to me it is) would you mind taking a photo of the filling and send it to me via e-mail? coz it's been so long I do not remember anymore what's in it. I will try making a version of it myself, atleast for the time being. Please, please pretty please? Would really appreciate it. My add is Thanks so much!!!


xxxloixxx said...

Hi Jiggs!

You can count on it. I'm actually craving for it right now. Will send you a photo as soon as I get a chance.