Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Signs that I'm getting old

I stumbled upon D's blog about the signs of getting old. Here's my personal take on the matter.

Signs that I'm getting old:

1. I prefer staying home and sleeping in over partying out with friends.

2. My interest in magazines change from Cosmopolitan to Real Simple, from InStyle to Oprah, from fashion to interior designs.

3. I drink less coffee (!!!) and more tea nowadays.

4. When I go to beauty stores, I notice there is a separate rack for moisturizers for age 20+ and 30+. Do I have to remind myself and announce to the whole world which rack I go to? Geeeezzz.

5. I drink vitamin supplements more than ever. My mom recently shared with me a bottle of fish oil. Good thing she didn't give me calcium supplements or else... :D

6. People ask me if I went to see the concert of Rick Astley and George Benson/Al Jarreau who performed here in Manila recently. What the...?! Haha. I honestly wanted to see Benson and Jarreau's concert but forgot to make earlier plans for it.

7. The subject of "age" and "weight" is seriously becoming an issue. People, ever heard of EQ? =)

8. When I had to say "
Just because..." when people ask why I read the Twilight saga. What's more, they even had to say "Di ba pangbata yan?!"

9. Fashion-wise, I now prefer Plains & Prints over Bayo and Kamiseta.

10. I dread Christmas holidays because it means gastos.

11. Reunions become frequent. (highschool, college, batchmates...)

12. I take care of my folks more than they take care of me. Hey, I'm not complaining.

13. I reminisce about the good old days and then people younger than me become clueless!

14. I mention my crush and people say, "Nagkakacrush ka pa?!" Mean people! :D

15. I'd have to agree with D when she said: when moving out becomes a reality. Finally!

To my peers, this world is mean to our generation haha. I say, live and let live!

To the young ones, tatanda din kayo!!!


Anabanana said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier (or yesterday). Hope you'll make it your daily habit. :)

This post cracks me up.. I can totally relate, like how I find it funny that my perception drastically changed these past few years and it scares me that I think and act like my mom now. *cringe* Hahaha.

GMG said...

I enjoyed reading this entry! I know I'm getting old because I shop for home stuff more than I shop for clothes now. :)

dmeemai said...

Sheeesh... i know i'm getting old when i'm reading this post by the number and find myself nodding my head in agreement to each one of the signs!!!

down with the age, up with live and let live!! :-)

Condo Blues said...

#2 is true for me but I'm the opposite on #3. I drink more coffee now than I did tea. I was a only tea drinker until I discovered Cuban coffee post college.

Maybe I'm not getting older but staying neutral?

bexieville said...