Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to Nokia

So I got a new phone...
I originally wanted a Nokia 6500 Classic but since the E51 I got is cheaper by a few hundred bucks and is definitely a better buy, I opted for the E51.

Reasons for buying:

1. I got a good deal with Allied Bank's promo.

2. I miss Nokia's U smiley.

3. The Sony Ericsson I've been using for my Globe (which I got for free) is really really old now. =)

4. I don't want to use my iPhone as phone yet (but I bring it with me everyday). I treasure it so much, afraid to lose or scratch it (haha). For now, I'm contented just using it as iPod. Besides, it's hard using it for SMS.

I am officially back to being a Nokia user. I haven't used it but I love that it's sleek and SMS-friendly plus it has wi-fi, too!

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