Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Amazing Race Makati"

I had an "amazing" race in Makati this evening!

and it's all because of this:

You see, bloghopping and joining forums have brought me to places I never thought I would be, made me discover and experience new things, kept me up to date on the latest trends and gossips, brought out the "shopaholic" in me, helped me earn a little extra, and more! That makes me slightly dependent BUT eternally grateful to the power of the internet.

So after reading ravings about this corned beef by Delimondo to which they claim as the best-tasting corned beef in the country, I got a little curious and was convinced to try it. I read they are being sold at Petra and Pilar in JAKA Building so off I went with PP. We got to JAKA in Ayala but didn't see Petra and Pilar in there so we asked the guard. This guard had no idea what I was talking about (I went as far as talking about this corned beef!) and suggested we go to JAKA II in Legaspi Street instead. I never knew there was JAKA II. We got to JAKA II after a couple of minutes and surprise, surprise there wasn't a Petra and Pilar in sight. I still didn't give up. I was panting as I was talking to the guard and boy, I never expected there are actually 3, yes three JAKA buildings in Makati and yes this popular Petra and Pilar is not in JAKA II. We got the wrong address. That moment, out of shame and hunger, I lost hope of bringing home the corned beef (haha)! We went to the nearest resto we could find and settled for these:

grilled porkchops (HUGE!)


at Dome beside Makati
Medical Center.

After having my batteries recharged, do you think I will give up? I knew we were close to the target so we asked the waiters if they know where JAKA Centre is (thanks DD!). Good thing there were med reps inside who pointed us to the right direction. It's actually in Pasong Tamo!

I haven't tried it yet but after what we've been through, this MUST be good!

Here is the exact address:

Petra & Pilar
Ground Floor JAKA Center Building
Exportbank Drive corner Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong tamo),
Makati City
Near Buendia and Pasong Tamo intersection.
Open from 11am to 11pm


dropper said...


Beauty Food Editor said...

Grilled Pork Chops....mouth watering! Will look for that place in Makati. Thanks for the info.

xxxloixxx said...

It's really good! Dome has branches in Podium and Shangri-La Mall.

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Corned beef. I love the stuff!

GMG said...

update us if you liked the corned beef! I would like to know if it was worth all the trouble.. ;)

dmeemai said...

so was the corned beef any good?! you got me really curious and i copied the address so when i visit manila again i could get some. i love our philippine corned beef more than the regular ones sold here in the US (dog food anyone?!!yay)... the imports from brazil or elsewhere are good too! i don't understand US corned beef at all...

(good to be back!! thanks much for re-visiting my site. i know i should have been back here sometime ago too!! LOL. oh, one tiny favor- i changed my URL already. when you get the chance, please? thank you...)

so how was the corned beef? your readers are dying to know your verdict! ;-)

bexieville said...

YUmmy corned beef Thank you!! =)