Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tagged: 7 Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged by EAM. Thanks dear, for linking me up in your blog.

I picked some from my old Vox entry. These are seven things people don't know about me (except for my closest friends, of course):

1. I was scared of my father when I was a young girl. Just hearing his voice from afar got me all jittery. And believe it or not, all it took was the advent of SMS for us to have a real father-daughter relationship. I am now a daddy's girl, thanks to Globe that started it all! (And that's why I'm loyal to Globe.) :)

2. I have a love affair with magazines. I particularly like fashion, lifestyle, food, home & beauty, techie, and crafts & hobbies. That being said, you will never guess how many I have at home. I gave away some of the old ones but I can't seem to part with most. Tsk, tsk. The thing is the moment I have a new one on hand, I get overwhelmed by the glossy pages I don't get to read them all! I don't know if it's over-excitement or just plain laziness. Whatever!

3. I can stay for HOURS in the bathroom. Ironically, it is where I find solace. I can do just about anything there except eat (Okay, I brought a mug of coffee ONCE but was made a big deal by my aunt so I never did again. I became a laughing stock in our household that day. Mean people! hahaha). I bring books and magazines inside and I always, always have my phone handy because I love bugging people when I'm inside. I have a question. Is it bad that I pray there, too?

4. I still keep a personal journal. Yes, I do have this blog and more but nothing beats writing on paper. I guess this explains why I gotta have the Starbucks planner each year. I still have with me my diaries since college.

5. I wish on railroads while holding something blue. Up to this day, I have no clue why. Thanks to my college friends, I can’t get it out of my system!

6. I think that the perfect combination ever discovered is coffee and cigarettes. People who smoke can perfectly relate to this.

7. I keep track of every single thing a person has done me wrong and I pray profusely for that person to realize it. God is good!

Now it's my turn. I'm tagging Bexie, Lexie, Patty, Vera, and Jovi.


eam said...

#1 it's nice to find a form bonding with our parents that works! i'm close to both my mom and dad but i fight with my mom all the time! -that's a whole different subject! lol

i was a loyal globe user too when i was in PI!

#2 i too am crazy over magazines BUT i don't get to read them all! where i am, they're practically giving away subscriptions so it's sooo easy to be caught in having 8 magazines arriving monthly! majority of my stack are still in plastics! never even had the chance to open them yet lol

#3 don't know about hours but i also spend so much time in there! hehe

#4 wow, you've kept them! mine's lost already. my sis gave me my first starbucks planner this year! i'm waiting for a copy for 2008!

#5 that's cute! i think i did that at some point too not anymore though... :-)

#6 uh-oh i'm attached to coffee but not to smoking so can't relate. smoking and the smell of smoke gives me a headache and makes me nauseated... hehe

#7 Indeed God is good! all the time...!

Jovi said...

Hey thanks so much for the tag... I did this already, though. But I twisted it up a little... :-)