Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Onion Soup, anyone?

Before watching I Am Legend last Friday night, we decided to have dinner first and we chose La Maison in Greenbelt 5. We originally planned to eat at Chateau 1771 but the place was booked for the night. I first asked for their onion soup...
I forgot to take its picture before tasting it so pardon the "presentation". I'm almost halfway through but I thought it's a sin not to share with you. It's that good. I used my camphone to take these pictures so sorry for the low resolution. The best tasting onion soup I've tried is at Prince Albert Rotisserie and this comes close. I love it! To be honest though, I have cheap taste in food meaning I eat all sorts (but when I say it tastes bad, it really is that bad!) so it's best that you try it for yourself.
Complimentary bread (We finished half already. Again, forgot to take photos.)
Baby back ribs. Delish!
Pesto. Sadly, I don't recommend this.

They have this board hung inside.

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