Thursday, January 03, 2008

Being 31

When I was younger, thirty one seemed so far away... I thought that a woman of that age would be so wise and knowledgeable, so settled in her life with a husband, children and a wonderful career. I had none of those things. I don't feel thirty one. I can't believe If I could stop the clock from ticking, I would. But then again, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER.

Anyway, I want to share with you 31 things I want to do/have/accomplish within the year - my new year's resolution and birthday wishes combined (in no particular order):

1. Lose weight. This has always been a staple in my MUST DO list. I don't always become successful but heck, to lose weight I must because I never want to hear comments from people saying "Tumataba ka." (
You're getting FAT.) with a matter-of-fact look on their faces like they have the most gorgeous body this side of the planet. Of course, there are some who say it subtly and joke about it like it's no big deal which is good. The truth is I try, I really do. One basic rule for people: NEVER EVER TELL A GIRL SHE'S FAT no matter how BIG she becomes because every girl already thinks, feels and knows it whether she's fat or not.

2. Go to the gym. Refer to #1.

3. Eat right. Weeeeeeeeeeeh. I hate that I'm always hungry. Always! And when I am, I crave for all sorts of food. So perhaps this time, I'd stock up on healthier options. Geez. I hate to even think about it.

4. Travel more. I'd want to use all the chances of vacation I can get to explore new places and embrace different cultures. Any takers? Heehee.

5. Read more. So many books, so little time...

6. Surround myself with good people. My mom always used to remind me of this ever since I started going to school and by far I think this is the best advice she has given me. She always says that I should choose my friends well and the people I hang out with because this is a decision that will define who I will become. It can either make or break me. Not that I have ever protested against her nor has she been against any of my friends but she told me that someday I will understand why she always tells me that. I knew soon enough. I love and appreciate all my friends because they helped me become a better me.

7. Get closer to God. I am a true blue Catholic as I was born and raised but I have nothing against other religions, too. I believe that religion should be based on faith.

8. Attend a fellowship. VCF or CCF perhaps?

9. Be more optimistic. I am a worrier so I tend to think and take things negatively. It's time for a cool change!

Buy "The Secret". I've been hearing raves about this and I can't wait to see what it can do to me.


12. Get myself that Louis Vuitton bag. Or a Goyard maybe? ...which reminds me to:

13. Remind myself of #11.

14. Learn a new language.

15. Cook. Would you believe that I have never cooked a real meal ever?

16. Give more. I'm a living testimony to the fact that when you give more, you'll receive more. I'm not rich but I'm blessed.

17. Pay it forward. When someone becomes a blessing to you, it shouldn't stop there. Be a blessing to others, too.

18. Invest more on classic pieces. I am an impulsive buyer and I intend to buy stuff that are trendy when I want it which is... always! From now on, this will not be the case...all year round. I'm not saying I won't buy trendy stuff ever, I'd just lessen it up a bit. =)

19. Learn how to drive. Got my student's permit already...that's a step...

20. Go back to writing a daily gratitude journal.

21. Have the courage to fight for the people who matter and for what is right.

22. Never lose the child in me. Being the panganay (eldest) in our small family (I have only one sibling) and the eldest granddaughter in my father's side of the family, I took it upon myself to play the role of an elder sister and a second mother to most of my younger cousins. I sometimes forget that just like them, I am a child too. I should loosen up a bit.

23. Visit a social services institution. Elderly people have a soft spot in my heart so hopefully I could visit Hospicio de San Jose in the near future.

24. Stop being a whiner. I will try my best to stop complaining and get things done.

25. Spend more time with my friends. Before the year ends, I will organize a get-together with the friends I lost touch with.

26. Be punctual. Okay, okay, I admit I'm always late. It's about time I do the waiting now...

27. Save P100.00 - P200.00 daily as one way to keep my task #11. I've been doing this for the past three years except last year. The first time I did, I used the money I saved from it to a Hongkong trip.

28. Smoke less. Oh yes!

29. Try not to hold grudges and be more understanding. I don't promise on this one but I will try my very best because I know that the heaviest burden a person can carry is grudge. The problem with me is I forgive easily but I don't forget.

30. Stay happy.

To everyone who remembered me this Christmas, New Year's
and on my birthday,
I can't say thank you enough but still I say,


bexieville said...

1. I'd love this very much!
2. hahaha sige! when?
3. kokey, magbaon na tayo!
4. =D Heard if Cebu's dinning scene is cheap, Davao is practically like free meal.
5. Hahaha. You're reading more nanaman ah ;)
6. hahahaha. change office! fast!
7. wow. =)
8. Hel-loh! CCF =D
9. Chill!
10. Borrow Jen's. I doubt she finished it. hahaha
11. Sabay tayo.
12. I'd love for u to have one so I can also have my KATE SPADE hahahaha =D
14. U already speak excellent communicative Chinese
15. You can start with your waffle maker.
Pagod na ko haba pala nito. hahahahaha BUT I just have to have to comment on # 26. I COMPLETELY AGREE! VERY VERY STRONGLY! PLEASE. hahahahahaha
you're the bestest GG! Spirals? for #30?

Jim Purdy said...

You said:
"Eat right. Weeeeeeeeeeeh. I hate that I'm always hungry. Always! And when I am, I crave for all sorts of food. So perhaps this time, I'd stock up on healthier options."

I'm always hungry, too, and I think you've figured out the solution: healthier foods. I've cleaned everything out of my kitchen, except for bottled water and salad greens, and a few things to go with them ... tea powder to add to the water, and balsamic vinegar and stevia to sprinkle on the salad greens. And a few packets of low-calorie hot cocoa powder. Everything else is gone. I've got to get serious about my diet and my health, starting right now.

I've posted a link to your blog on my own blog so I can check back often to see how you're doing. Thanks for sharing.

Jim Purdy

Mandy said...

LOL, how about 41? =)