Thursday, August 09, 2007

I loathe people who are...

I am a very fun-loving person but there are people or at least some traits in them that I really really hate. In no particular order:
  1. People who TALK and PREACH like they are holier-than-thou but are just as bad as everyone is. These people talk like they are the only children of God, how good they are and how wicked other people are. They are quick to judge other people but are privy to their own boo-boos.
  2. Ass Kissers. They suck. Period.
  3. Envious people. You will know who these people are on times when everything works well for you. They just cannot accept the fact that in this world, either other people just get what they deserve or they are simply lucky. They are those who cannot be happy for other people. Whatever you have, they must have, too...soon. Such pathetic losers.
  4. Free loaders. Ack!
  5. Copycats. Hah! There is a limit to the saying, "Imitation is the best form of flattery" - it's a case to case basis.
  6. Arrogant people. This is where you distinguish the "old rich" from the "novo rich".
  7. Slave drivers. Don't we all just hate them?
  8. Power Freaks. The fly on the back of a water buffalo thinks that it's taller than the buffalo.
  9. Selfish people. They are the ones who do not have any consideration for other people's welfare. They only think of themselves and what's good for them. They are only kind to you when they need you.
  10. People who SAY everything they know and if you didn't say it first, then you must not know it and they are teaching you something!!! Stop it. Just stop.

There. I said it. I wish this would make me feel better. Haha.

I am not perfect. I know that. There are times when I become a bitch myself and I pray that I don't cause too much annoyance and discomfort to the people around me. I wish others are just as sensitive...

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