Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I came across this post from Lori's blog last Tuesday and told the twins about it. I even went as far as having it printed out and sent to Marikina courtesy of Mr. Cupido. The photos are really enticing that we planned to go to Kozui in Tomas Morato that weekend.

Saturday came. I got SMS at around lunch time from the twins confirming our dinner (excited!). I was late (as usual) but this time it's really due to the heavy traffic in San Juan. Later that night, I found out that it was JV Ejercito's wedding day at Pinaglabanan Church. Oomph.

Upon arriving at the resto, they immediately handed me over the menu. We also found out that it's a self-serving restaurant. There's nothing else on the menu aside from everything stated on dessertcomesfirst. I'm sorry but it was disappointing, honestly.
After finishing our Takoyaki balls and weird flavored tea, we decided to have dinner at Omakase - a resto that we all love just a few blocks away!

We had coffee and tea at Baang Coffee afterwards and there I drooled over a bunch of 'geeks' inside the coffee shop, each one of them carrying a Macbook. Waaaaah!

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