Monday, February 26, 2007

Okay. So I've Been Lazy...

I have never updated my blog for quite some time now because I've been lazy... and swamped with work. Oh yes, me - busy! For days when I'm idle though, my mind goes blank whenever I want to write. And it frustrates me. I guess when one has stopped writing for a while, the knack for writing dwindles.

Anyways, my recent weekends have been booze-filled and I loooooooooooveeeeeeeeet! I kinda look forward to weekends more and more. Also, I have been making preparations for my upcoming vacation with my cousins in over a month's time. We are all excited. Scratch that. Excited is not even the apt word to describe how I feel. I'm ecstatic! I have been wanting to go to the US for the longest time plus the fact that this is the first time that I will actually be in a REAL vacation. In my nine effing years of existence as an employee, the maximum time I have taken a straight vacation is just a week in a year. Right now, I'm on a hunt for a good luggage. I usually use my cousins' luggage on trips abroad but since we are travelling all together, I have to have my own. 

I haven't told my boss about my vacation yet but I hope it's gonna be a breeze. I hope he throws in pocket money as well! Haha!

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